Helping bridge the knowledge gap between what a company needs, and what an individual knows.

dean rahaman

I started 360 Fitness and Coaching as a result of my previous personal struggles as a personal trainer and as a manager. Entering the realms of management back in 2009, I soon realised I didn’t really know how to manage people. When I first got into personal training in 2006, I didn’t know how to work a gym floor or to sell personal training sessions. I didn’t really understand the human body beyond the basics taught on my level 3 course. A lot of the courses I attended were mediocre at best. It wasn’t until started really studying and learning from world leaders in the fields of leadership, management, negotiating, selling and closing that I really started to excel. Working with some high end mentors I soon learned more about the human body to offer a better more complete service to my clients.  

I’ve now amassed massive sums of knowledge about the human body, management practices and styles, selling and closing and most importantly self and team empowerment. My mission now is to pass this accumulated knowledge onto managers that want to improve their performance. To personal trainers that want to deliver a more complete service. And who want to be best PT in their facility either gym or studio based.

Working within the corporate world and the private self-employed world, I’ve seen very good PT’s and managers forced to quit. This has made me sad and angry, there a good people leaving good jobs and good industries because they’re not taught the basics. Basics like how to have 1:1’s, how to set goals and follow up. How to create a training and nutrition plan for a client, how to manage your client or employee through change. Because these basics are not being taught, people are leaving industries they love. I’ve seen it happen first hand. I want to stop this happening.

My vision is to develop and coach high achieving personal trainers and managers. I want to create future generations of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. Armed with both professional and life skills to guarantee success from holistic point of view.

How I work with my clients

How I Train Businesses And Managers

I provide a completely bespoke service to everyone that I work with. Whether this on an individual basis or company wide. This is done through in face training via workshops, interactive lectures online or in person and with online mentorships. 

How I Develop Personal Trainers

We start at the basics, how to obtain clients, how to market yourself in the gym or in a studio. How to sell and close and how to business plan is where we start. Then we move into what i wish I knew when I started my PT career. Proper energy production, proper training plan and solid nutritional understanding. 

Get Your Own Personalised Plan

Everything that I do is 100% bespoke to you and your business. I use a needs analysis to make sure that we are developing down the right path. 

I’ll come to see you in person or we can use a video meeting facility if the distance is too great. I can provide interactive lectures, workshops, written and theory based work. For personal trainers I also provide a mentorship program that covers everything from sales and marketing to nutritional setups, gut health, hormone balance and program design. 

What services I provide

Corporate Training

Whether working with big or small business or local authorities. My goal here is to increase productivity, increase profitibility, reduce sick days and improve moral. I do this through interactive lectures and workshops as well as written training plans and follow up consultancy plans. 

Public Speaking And Events

Available for corporate bookings, as well as for general public. I cover a range of subjects including weight loss, hormone balance, motivation, confidence, muscle building. Mental health and stress management are sessions I love to deliver! These can also be tailored to any event you’re hosting and looking for a speaker

Personal Trainer Education

This is available to gym chains or to individual PT’s. I cover subjects including but not limited to: program design, nutritional periodisation, functional movement analysis, anatomy and physiology, gut health, hormones, mental health, marketing, selling and closing. Sessions are available as a one off, a training series or mentorship.