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360 Fitness has changed my life, simple as that!
From the first consultation I could tell this was going to be a fantastic experience. Dean is friendly, encouraging and unbelievably knowledgeable, and has provided me with unerring support the whole way through. Every aspect of my routine, diet and heath was taken into account, resulting in a thorough and personalised programme to suit my needs and goals.
When I started, my mood, energy and motivation were low, I had fallen into bad eating habits and felt like I was stuck on a plateau in terms of gaining muscle and slimming down. I was struggling in particular to shift fat from my waist area and finding the lack of progress dispiriting. As soon as I started the programme, Dean instilled a sense of positivity in me – never judging or making me feel like I’ve failed – and every time we met up he gave me an extra boost of encouragement so that I was excited to take on the challenge instead of seeing it as a chore.
Dean worked out a tailored diet and exercise routine for me, including supplements to help reduce stress and improve energy – within a few days I was already feeling so much more energetic; my head was clearer, my mood was better, and the workouts were a welcome change to my usual routine. One of the most valuable things Dean did was find a way to work around the side-effects of my medication, which has been a great relief. The food plans were not at all as restrictive as I thought they might be – in fact, most meals feel like a treat (er, steak for breakfast, anyone?) – and the massive difference in how I feel is reason enough to stick with the programme. I lost 4% body fat in my first month while making impressive muscle gain, and every week the progress has been obvious – I’m slimming down, toning up and feeling 100x better than before.

A few updates to share

1 year ago

Hi readers. I know it’s been like 2 months since I posted my last blog article. I’ve super busy moving to Croydon and now feel it’s a good time to give you some updates. A move to Croydon Firstly I want to announce and also thank MYPT Studio for working with me and allowing me to use… read on

How to improve digestion

2 years ago

I get asked a lot, how can I improve my metabolism? How can I lose the gut? How can I improve my digestion? What should I do for losing weight? Plus a load of others, but those I’d say are the main ones. Now, a blanket answer that covers pretty much all these answers is… read on

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