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Hormone balance

When hormones are off balance your body knows it. Dean will work with you to restore hormone balance mainly stress (cortisol), Insulin production and utilisation, testosterone and oestrogen balance and thyroid function as priorities. The joy of having your hormones balanced is that you’ll be able to sleep again, you’ll have energy consistently through the day and your libido will return.  Other things that you’ll notice are fat melting off your body, you’ll want to head out and do things plus feel ready to take on whatever challenges you want to.

The benefit of balanced hormones

The key to hormone balance is managing stress. Stress can cause your body can do all sorts of weird and wonderful things. It can cause you to hold onto water, making you look softer and puffy, it can disrupt thyroid function which can lead to all kind of issues from feeling cold, not pooping, pooping too much and the list goes on. Stress can cause insulin resistance a precursor to diabetes. Insulin resistance can also lead to inflammation, weight gain, disrupted sleep, erectile dysfunction, low mood, fatty liver and low energy. To name just a few.

Stress also causes disruption to the feel good happy hormones and sleep hormones too the lack of sleep don’t need to detail, we’ve all at some point felt the effects. So the benefit of balancing all that is that you’ll feel amazing! Clothes will be looser, energy will be higher, sex drive will be higher, mentally you’ll be sharper and you’ll burn fat like never before!

How we restore balance

The service we provide to balance hormones is all about restoring normal optimum performance. We do this through adjusting lifestyle, adjusting food, adjusting exercise habits and then adding or tweaking supplements and nutraceuticals. This will boost your internal organ function and allo them to do their job without stressing your system.

To find out how you can start rebuilding your health, lose inches and feel so much better get in contact today.

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